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Embodied Wellness
at The Village

220D, 4039 Brentwood Road NW
Calgary, Alberta

Please contact me for a complimentary 15 minute consult.

Jill Stewart, RCST®, BCST
(403) 923-7038


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Pricing & Timing

The first session is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, as it includes a review of your health history.  

Regular treatment sessions are booked hourly or every hour and a half.

Adult rate:                $ 115/hour session, $165/ hour and a half
Mom & Baby rate:     $ 90/ hour session, $140/ hour and a half
Seniors rate:             $ 90/ hour session, $140/ hour and a half
Child rate:                $ 75 / 30 minutes to 45 minutes

Package rates available, for a minimum of 4 Adult sessions booked $95 per session ( $380, savings of $90)

My experience with Jill Stewart's care, demeanour, skill and touch, and the space she creates before, during and following a session have been lifelines; nurturing experiences, stabilizing, and grounding for me in times of deep distress. Her caring and knowledge are expressed in her touch and her voice. She has a soothing, heart-centred, calming presence. She is thoughtful in her supportiveness, and draws from her own experience as she provides a safe space. She creates a trusting environment; she is gentle and moves slowly, listening to the client's bodily expressions as well as their stories. With Jill I feel listened to, she is attentive to what's presenting for me, but also offers things that have proved helpful and supportive which I would not have considered. I find her ongoing commitment and exploration of her own health and patterns improves her access and resonance with my own system.  I recommend her often to people, in particular those who seek a heart-oriented practitioner with a gentle touch. 

with gratitude,
bengt jericho