Come home to your true health

Partner with me and optimize your health through slowing down and regulating your bodies natural stress response -your nervous system.

With the guidance of my sensitive knowing hands, feel the trickle down effect through your body as ease and relaxation unfold; natural healthy balance occurs when the body's integrated systems communicate effectively. 

Learn to feel GROUNDED and CENTERED in your life

Find EASE where there was once restriction and pain

Find MOVEMENT and MOBILITY where there was once strain

Find REST where there was stress and anxiety

I came to Jill after many years of nerve related pain in my low back and leg. Jill is a compassionate and gentle practitioner with a gift for connecting with her clients; her intuitive touch allowed my body to release and begin to heal. Happily, several other long standing but “minor” ailments began to improve as well…dyspepsia,  sinus headaches, teeth grinding. BCST is unlike any other therapy I have tried and I’ve found it to provide deep and long lasting changes. 

- Nicole