I'm excited you are here!

I am incredibly passionate about the healing capacity of our bodies; I learned firsthand through BCST and Pre and Perinatal Psychology to experience my body in a new way and trust it's inner knowledge.   I became interested in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy as a result of my own health challenges and I have found both understanding and relief from these healing therapies. 

After being diagnosed with my second neurological condition I decided to look for new answers to solve the chronic pain I was experiencing.  I started on the path to a deep and enduring transformation. My body is now communicating in a balanced productive way that leaves me feeling energized and calm.  I have greater resilience and ease in managing day to day stress while enjoying new mental clarity. I no longer experience ruminating thought patterns or depressive episodes, I'm able to be present and meditate deeply free from pain.  My body has transformed with the release of long held stress and trauma.

I completed my formal BSCT training through Body Intelligence in 2013 in Canada and Australia. While my work is informed and influenced by the teachings of Myrna Martin, MN, RCC, RCST® in Pre and Perinatal Psychology courses and birth and early imprint workshops. I began this training in 2016 and it has provided me with deeper levels of awareness, directly related to early patterning through prenatal, birth and attachment processes.  I have also trained in Elemental Chi Kung, a form of movement exercise to connect deeply with the body and the flow of Chi. I'm passionately committed to my personal and professional development and I'm excited to share my continued evolving knowledge with my clients.

When I'm not being a BCST therapist I enjoy spending time with my husband, three children, two grandsons and my dog Boomer. I love walking by the river collecting unique heart shaped rocks, meditating, cooking, ice caving and obi wrapping.

Jill Stewart, RCST®

Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

I see people in a way that is distinct; my commitment is to provide you with an experience of being truly met.  

I offer you the time and unique space to allow you to show up exactly as you are, to discover the health and healing within you.

I would love to partner with you to feel Present
in your body, and feel more Health,
Ease, and Joy in Your Life.

My experience with Jill was more than I imagined it would be. The lasting benefits I have enjoyed from Jill’s practice opened me up to another world of healing. Not only was it the best quality treatment I have had for an injury, it was the most efficient. In addition, I had been newly struggling with anxiety and the gracious and gentle treatment gave me the physical experience of the anxiety lifting. The experience was professional, extremely interesting and effective. I recommend it to everyone I know.

- Alanna

Jill is my healer of choice. She has a gift for what she does and has elevated this gift by continually learning about her craft through professional courses and workshops, through her personal journey of self-discovery, and through her work with her clients. Jill has an extraordinary capacity for compassion and acceptance of her clients, which, I believe, allows for greater healing.

I have intractable migraines and a deteriorated spine and have tried many kinds of healers: massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, as well as medical solutions. The most helpful of these has been craniosacral therapy. I have tried several craniosacral therapists and have found Jill to be one of the best. I can recommend her without hesitation and with enthusiasm.

- Pat

My experience with Jill Stewart's care, demeanour, skill and touch, and the space she creates before, during and following a session have been lifelines; nurturing experiences, stabilizing, and grounding for me in times of deep distress. Her caring and knowledge are expressed in her touch and her voice. She has a soothing, heart-centred, calming presence. She is thoughtful in her supportiveness, and draws from her own experience as she provides a safe space. She creates a trusting environment; she is gentle and moves slowly, listening to the client's bodily expressions as well as their stories. With Jill I feel listened to, she is attentive to what's presenting for me, but also offers things that have proved helpful and supportive which I would not have considered. I find her ongoing commitment and exploration of her own health and patterns improves her access and resonance with my own system.  I recommend her often to people, in particular those who seek a heart-oriented practitioner with a gentle touch. 

with gratitude,