Pregnancy, New Moms & Babies

Supporting Optimal Birthing
of Moms and Babies transitioning from Conception,Pregnancy and Birth


Harmony & Attunement…

My work is about creating safe, settled connections between babies and their caregivers. Its about acknowledging and working with the experiences at birth that may have created compression and disconnection, physically and relationally.

I help bring families into coherence, supporting parents be more attuned with themselves and their little ones. This happens through settling our nervous systems, so thoughts and emotions can become balanced and we experience ease and inner harmony.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy & Babies

It’s an incredibly respectful and gentle touch based therapy that recognizes the baby as a conscious aware being from the very beginning. It is extremely useful for babies who have experienced a difficult birth as it gently helps them resolve any shock residue from the birth process.

As a healing therapy it works with the energies that create and maintain health in the human system. While not a manipulative therapy, it has its roots in osteopathy and has evolved to include influences from advances in neuroscience, human development, pre and perinatal psychology and trauma resolution.

Practitioners are trained to follow the subtle cues from the baby and feel the physiology for areas of restriction, compression and trauma to help release and restore balance to the system. Babies respond very well to this gentle therapy.

Conditions that benefit from Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy include:  

  • Breastfeeding difficulties

  • Colic

  • Reflux

  • Constipation

  • Sleep issues

  • Distress/crying

  • Difficulty settling

  • Irregular head shape

Shock/overwhelm or discomfort can result from the following experiences:

  • Premature birth

  • Cesarean birth

  • Assisted birth

  • Separation from parents


Supporting Mom’s
Changing Body & Experience

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) helps a woman’s body adjust to all the shifts and changes happening as the baby is growing. It works with the mom’s physiology to relax, shift and settle for a more comfortable experience.  It is also beneficial in supporting the mom as she approaches labour, helping her to connect her with her strength, confidence and vitality, as well as strengthening the bond to her baby.

Prior to getting pregnant BCST can help a woman settle their stress response – their autonomic nervous system. This benefits the baby and mom by relaxing the mom and providing the optimal growing conditions for their new little one. Reducing prenatal stress has been proven to improve baby’s brain development and other gestational and developmental outcomes. When mom is soothed and supported the baby has the ideal space to grow. 

Postnatally, BCST supports moms and babies with the recovery from the rigours of childbirth.  Babies can experience compressive forces, trauma, and shock that can manifest from the birth experience. These can become inertial causing other conditions to arise. Mom’s body’s have experienced a big change with the birth of their baby, BCST supports this transition helping to heal discomforts after the birth. We work to optimize the health of the baby and the mom by resolving any birth trauma experiences before traumatic holding patterns can get set in the physical body.